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We are in need
of your help.
Please, help us
save a life!

All dogs shown are available for adoption and are on-site unless otherwise stated.  

Gregory's Gift of Hope has in place fencing and indoor living policies.
We ask that you review these policies before submitting your application.



Allie is a female American Staffordshire Terrier; 5 yrs. (as of April 2016).  Spayed.  Up-to-date on vaccinations.  
Allie came to GGOH in December 2015 after her owners brought her to a veterinary office to be euthanized.  Allie was in need of surgery to repair a torn ACL which her owners chose not to fix.  Rather than euthanize, GGOH was contacted by the vets office and agreed to take Allie under their wing.  The repair was made and Allie came to GGOH to rest, recoup, and recover.  Unfortunately, the repair did not hold and while trying to adjust to the pain from that injury, Allie used her good leg too much and tore the other ACL. In February 2016 Allie had double TPLO surgery.  Allie's surgery was successful the second time around and she has recovered fully and as pins were used, she should have no further issues with her legs.  Now, she waits for that special someone to come along and give her a permanent home.  Allie is an incredibly sweet girl, full of life and has lots of energy.  If you're looking for an active, fun-loving dog, Allie just might be the one for you!



 is a male lab/hound mix and is
approximately 2 1/2 year old (as of Nov. 2014).  Intake date:  Feb. 2013.  He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heart worm checked and microchipped.  This is one very happy go lucky dog; always giving the GGOH volunteers a run for their money when simply going outside for a quick break.  Bernie loves to walk on his back legs, actually doing a little jig, when being escorted from his kennel to the run areas.  He is a very lovable boy.  About 55lbs.  He was brought to GGOH roughly 2 years ago with his brother Mac when approached by another rescue to save these 2 from death row.  Bernie needs an active adopter, a walker/runner perhaps, as he needs to be exercised daily; also someone who likes the lab type personality ( lots of energy and lots of love).  If you think you might be a match for this young fella, give us a call or stop on by during visiting hours.  Bernie can't wait to show you his dance moves!  

(Note:  In the above photo Bernie is wearing a "gentle lead", not a muzzle.  A gentle lead is often used when walking our rescue dogs.)

Caliah ~ Female.  Age: approx. 1 year (as of April 2016). Coon Hound/Aussie(Blue Merle) mix.

Caliah was brought to Gregory’s as a stray.  She was found wandering in the town of New Richmond, WI.  She’s a young girl; shorter in stature than the pictures portray.  Very sweet, loving pup.  Get’s along well with other dogs and does fine with cats and children.  Gorgeous baby!

Chloe is a female Shepherd mix; she is 
approximately 13 years old (as of Oct. 2015).  
Chloe is a very sweet girl who loves to go for walks and snuggle. She is not very fond of other dogs; she is fine when leashed and on walks with others but doesn't do well if she were to mix with them. Chloe is fine with kids, cats and people. She is very much a people pleaser. Chloe came to GGOH in early 2012 when her owners had set out to euthanize her due to an altercation with another dog. Rather than have her lose her life for simply not liking another dog we agreed to have Chloe join us here at Gregory's. Just like some people, there are dogs who prefer to not have others of her own kind in her own personal space - how could we fault her for that!  She has done great here with us; she is very friendly with all the volunteers and staff and as stated, is fine with other dogs when supervised and everyone keeps their own space. Great walking partner for an active person!   This senior gal has lots of spunk and is looking for the right person to love her and be her guardian.  Is it you?


Dice is a male Labradinger (Lab/Springer mix); 15 mos. as of Sept. 2015.  Up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, micro-chipped. Dice has had a bit of a storied start in life - he was initially surrendered by his first owner due to lack of time to spend with an active puppy and then adopted by a young college student.  The college student made a poor decision to bring Dice home and then throw a party where Dice was thrown into the mix of new surroundings, lots of young partying people, loud music, etc - Dice got spooked and nipped at someone. The college student then decided that she no longer wanted Dice and this is where GGOH came into Dice's life.  Dice was then adopted out to another family and had a bit of a rocky start with a younger child and was once again, returned.  Dice has since been through vigorous temperament testing with a trained professional and has not acted out in any way - he has passed all tests but his training will not stop here - we will continue to work with Dice so that hopefully his next adoption will be a permanent one.  Dice really is a very good dog, he's just been put in tough situations - we are certain with proper training (of dog and of owner) and proper introductions to new environments, Dice will do just fine.  We do recommend, however, that he not be placed into a home with young children who are not able to understand how to respect a dog's space and what the signs are that a dog is becoming agitated.  So, if you're looking for an active, sweet, all-around good young dog to add to your family, he could be the one.  Won't you at least give him a chance to show you how wonderful he is - stop in for a visit and see for yourself!


Click the link to watch a short video of Donner during playtime:  Donner in Action

Donner is approximately 11 years old (as of Oct. 2015) but still has several years of loving to give.  He is a Lab/Pointer mix. Donner came to GGOH after his owner passed away; a friend of his owner gave Donner a temporary home, but it didn't go too well as Donner had been in a one dog home and was not used to other animals, which this temporary home had.  While Donner prefers to be the only dog, we have begun to introduce him to the concept of walking along side other dogs by training him with one of our other rescues. Donner loves to go for walks and plays a mean game of fetch.  Donner is not fond of cats so a cat-free home is also necessary.  Donner is doing good while here at GGOH, but we would really like to see him find a home to spend his last years in ~  LET'S FIND DONNER A NEW HOME!


Click the link to watch a short video of Duke submitted by his trainer:  
 Our Boy Duke

Duke is a Blue Nose Pit Bull, 18 months old as of November 2014 .  Duke was left behind by a young man whose mother tried to take care of him but was unable to keep up with his energy.  Duke was slotted to be put up on Crai
gslist when a caring individual overheard and stepped in - thus began Duke's adventures with GGOH.  While here with GGOH, he has been training with CJ's K9 Training and Retreat learning proper socialization, general obedience and just working to become the awesome dog we know he is.

Duke's report card is a B right now and he is available for adoption. We will continue to provide his training up until he is ready to go to a new furever home and training will still be available if needed dependent upon his progress at the time of adoption. Duke is very affectionate and loves to play.  He is being socialized with other dogs and is doing well. Cats are still unknown at this time.  He is good with children.

If you would like to meet Duke, please schedule an appointment to see this handsome young man.  He will be waiting but he wanted us to let you know he's hoping he won't be waiting too long.  BULL POWER!!


Frannie ~ Intake date: 3/29/15.  Frannie, along with her two pups, Shay and Dawson, were the result of yet another rescue mission from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  The LightShine Rescue Group has been doing some amazing work out on this Reservation to save as many dogs as possible from a nearly certain death and we here at GGOH have been doing our part to help when we can.  Frannie is a German Shepherd/Lab mix, just shy of 3 years old (as of Feb. 2016) .  She is up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed.  Frannie is just a lovely, well-behaved dog and was a very good momma to her babies, both of whom have now been adopted.  She would make a wonderful pet for anyone looking to add a medium sized dog into their life.  We're excited to have found Dawson and Shay there forever homes, and now we hope daily that someone will come along for Frannie.  

If you'd like to meet Frannie, please review our adoption policies and procedures and then come on in during visiting hours for an up-close and personal - we just know you're going to love her! 


Click the link to watch a short video of Hailey & Ruby on a play date:   Hailey & Ruby

Hailey is a female Chi/Terrier mix, DOB April 2014.  Intake date:  March 2015.  Up-to-date on vaccinations and is spayed. Hailey is another SD Reservation rescue.  This little dog is such a sweetheart - she is sure to melt all your worries away!  Hailey is full of energy, loves to play, gives out kisses freely and is a great lap dog.  She has won over all of our hearts here at GGOH and we are certain once you meet her, she'll win yours over, too.  

Mattie is a 
female Rottweiler, up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed.  Approximately 3 years old (as of Dec. 2015).  Mattie's story is a sad one ~ she was discarded, not once, but twice by the humans she trusted.  Mattie is microchipped and we traced her back to her first owner, who said she was given away to another party.  This second party decided they no longer wanted Mattie so they opened their gates and let her free and chose not to reclaim her.  She's now safe with us here at GGOH but she needs a place to call "HOME".  Mattie, by no fault of her own, was not socialized very well or trained so she is in need of a person committed to helping her.  By going to some general obedience classes, helping her get socialized with other dogs and just giving her the patience and understanding she deserves you will see what a truly remarkable personality Mattie really has. She does require some handling experience as she is a strong gal but we can tell you this, this is one beautiful dog with a very loving spirit.  Are you a Rottie fan?  Could you be the one to give this sweet gal a new, loving home to call her own?  Please take the time to come in and meet this sweetheart - we'll just bet you will see the potential we see in her, too.



Ms. Blue ~ female Pit Bull mix; DOB November 2012.  Ms. Blue came to GGOH at 3 months old with a congenital bone defect of her front legs. After many, many months of rehabilitation at a clinic in Burnsville, MN, we were able to prevent Blue's paws from turning all the way over onto the top of her paws which would have made it very hard for her to walk.  Casting and exercise and water therapy and hours upon hours of coaxing and she is able to live a somewhat normal life. She may walk a little different from her canine friends but this is one determined little girl with a lot of perseverance.

Ms. Blue is one special dog!  Even though she has a disability and cannot stand up all the way in a correct position, she can still run with the big dogs.  She loves to be petted and just talked to.  Each morning when our volunteers say hello to Ms. Blue, she will exit her kennel and come over and give out big hugs (she stands up using her back legs and will literally hug your leg with her two front deformed legs).

Won't you consider helping make her journey worth traveling. Please consider meeting Ms. Blue, you can judge for yourself how truly special this little gal is.

Intake 2/26/2013 ~  Let's get her "HOME" soon!!!


Munchkin & Shortcake intake date 1/4/2015.  Papered, Rat Terriers.  These precious souls lost their owner; he passed away and sadly, they had nowhere to go.  They are getting along very well and are being loved by everyone until we can find a new furever home for them.  Both are female, Munchkin is 8 years old while Shortcake 9 yrs old (as of Oct. 2015), both are up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed.   Princess who is 10 years old (as of Oct. 2015) has also now joined her sister's here at GGOH; she arrived the week of March 8th, 2015.  Princess had originally gone to another party when her owner passed, but sadly, they no longer wanted her and we felt it only right that Princess join her sisters.  This is a different case for us here at GGOH as these three have been together since puppies and are very, very bonded.  They must all be adopted together as they would surely suffer if they were split up again.  **SPECIAL FAMILY RATE/FEE APPLIES**


O'Malley is a beautiful young, male, white German Shepherd.  O'Malley was found running at large and brought to us from impound on 5/6/2016. O'Malley is one very, very sweet dog; gentle and as friendly as can be.  12-18 months on intake; neutered; microchipped; up-to-date on vaccinations; heartworm neg.  


Patrick P. Bull is a male, Staffordshire Terrier; he has been residing with GGOH since he was 3 months old (DOB July 2010). Patrick is a sweet, special boy who loves to go for walks, LOVES to cuddle, and is fine with cats, children and other dogs.  He is up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped.  If you have questions you'd like to ask us about Patrick, please feel free to contact us or stop by for a visit.  We're certain that Patrick would LOVE to meet you!


Meet Rayna (4 yrs) & Bandit (5 yrs). 

Twolittle Chihauhau's looking for a place to call their own.  Both came from a hoarding situation near the MN/Canada border.  Both are adjusting well and could not be any friendlier. Great with cats and other dogs and LOVE LOVE LOVE people (and being spoiled!).



Rhea is a female, Blue Nose Pitbull - Bull Terrier Cross.  She is approximately 10 months (Dec. 2015).  Rhea was an owner surrender after the owners had some medical and housing problems - they surrendered her over to the neighbors as the neighbors were afraid the owners were going to just leave her behind in the apartment that they were vacating. Rhea had some issues with her leg that were going to require surgery so the second owner was unable to keep her and this is when GGOH was contacted for assistance. We took Rhea in and had an orthopedic evaluation done at which time we were told she would need corrective surgery for her right front leg.  Rhea's surgery was performed on October 13th and she has recovered nicely. She is now ready for adoption. This is one energetic, athletic and spitfire of a young gal!  If you're looking for a young female that is very smart and full of love, Rhea just might be the one for you! 



Ryan P. Inky (P'Inky) What a character this little guy is!  And talk about cute!!  19 mos. old as of March 2016; American Pit and Bull Terrier cross.  This is one fun, sweet, loving, adorable pup.  The photos we've posted of him says it all - this truly is his personality captured perfectly.  FUN and a little bit kookey.  :)  P'Inky is up-to-date on his vaccinations, neutered and micro-chipped.



Shaney & Miley are mother and daughter and are very bonded; both have been r
esiding at GGOH since 11/ 2009.  
These girls have been with GGOH since they were brought in from one of our rescue missions on a reservation in South Dakota. Shaney, Miley and Bandit (who has been adopted) were taken after they were found beaten, with broken jaws and multiple injuries. It was reported by persons on the reservation that Shaney and Bandit were trying to save their puppies (who all perished)
 who were being beaten by some children and in their attempts, they were hit with baseball bats, breaking their jaws and Shaney's ear. It was heartbreaking to know they had suffered so much but it was heartwarming to know we were there and could get them out safely.  Shaney, Miley and Bandit came to GGOH where they had to learn to trust and understand the world was not always a scary painful place.  Miley was Bandit and Shaney's daughter from a previous birth so mom and daughter rely on each other heavily.  Both love to go for walks and are great on their leashes.  Love to snuggle and just be with you.  They will need some time to adjust to a new environment but will do great with an individual or a family, with older children, who will give them love and patience.  They are ok with cats but do have some issues with other dogs as they are afraid of them sometimes due to their beginnings, running among the packs.  
We know they are special souls who just need understanding and a peaceful place to call "home".  Red Heeler mixes; approx. 6 1/2 and 5 1/2 yrs old (as of December 2014).  Please don't overlook these wonderful pups ~ we know you would be happy with them, if you just gave them the chance they deserve.

Silas was found by a concerned citizen after being placed in his kennel on the side of the freeway in the Woodville, Wisconsin area - his kennel was found in a ravine.  When the woman came upon him he was out of his kennel running into traffic so she did the only thing she could think of and grabbed him and called us here at GGOH. His ear was torn and bleeding, presumably from breaking out of his kennel.  His kennel had been broken on one side and had been taped together with electrical tape making it possible to break open with little force, which Silas had done to escape its contents.  Silas had been left in this kennel with dirty blankets and an old garbage bag filled with rotting garbage - to put it mildly, the kennel was filthy!  Can you imagine; this is how someone left their family pet.  Breaks our heart!  Silas is a great black lab with a big heart. He wants nothing but to be loved and have some guidance from a faithful new friend.  He needs a guardian who will be committed to continuing with his training; someone who will stand firm and let Silas know who is in charge.  He is a good dog, but needs to know what his boundaries are. Silas is approx. 3 - 4 years old (as of Jan. 2016); up-to-date on vaccines and is neutered.  He's doing well with his training and is sure to make a wonderful pet given the chance.  Someone out there discarded this poor boy with their trash - such a shame.  Let's find Silas a new loving home where he will know love like no other - he deserves it!  


Meet Timber.  American Staffordshire Terrier.  Male, 3-4 years old (as of April 2016).  Medium sized dog at roughly 50lbs. on intake.  Timber is the product of dog fighting.  Gregory's Gift of Hope was called to help when Timber was found by a local resident wandering in their yard.  One look at Timber and we knew we had to help.  Timber, covered in scars, was very under-weight and had visible signs of pain and discomfort when walking due to bone injuries that were not treated properly. Timber suffered greatly at the hands of some pretty despicable humans - we could not let this sweet dog live the rest of his life knowing only pain and suffering.  Even with all of his injuries and with all of the mistreatment he has endured, he remains the sweetest dog and will shower you with kisses and tail wags when you greet him.  How could we say no to this - we couldn't! Timber has been receiving the proper care and is doing well while waiting for that special someone to cross his path and call him their own. He is one pretty amazing dog!


Tucker is a male Staffordshire Terrier; DOB is 
approximately January 2009.  Intake date: June 2010. 
Tucker is a SPECIAL NEEDS dog. He is deaf and needs to have someone with patience and a whole lotta love.  We promise you, will get that love back tri-fold. Tucker does also have some allergy issues, he is on special food, takes allergy medications daily and he does receive monthly shots.  Don't let that scare you off, Tucker is well worth the extra care.  He is up-to-date on vaccinations, is neutered, and is micro-chipped.  Due to Tucker's deafness, he is not a candidate for invisible fencing - he must go to a home with above ground, stationary fencing.  Also, please note, a home with younger children would not be a good match for Tucker due to the startle factor that deaf dogs often have.  Older children who would understand how to interact with Tucker would be best.


Turner is a male Pit Bull mix; DOB is 
approximately June 2009.  
Turner came to GGOH back in the spring of 2011 after being left chained to a pole near a run-down trailer home.  Left alone with a gash in his leg, he was quickly scooped up by a concerned party and GGOH was asked to help him out. Turner joined the GGOH family, received the medical attention he needed, and has been awaiting the perfect person/family to come along and sweep him off his paws.  Turner has been here at GGOH the majority of his life; let's get this sweet guy outta here and on to living a dog's life!

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