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We are in need
of your help.
Please, help us
save a life!


NOTICE:  We are full to the brim with blankets, sheets, and misc. bedding and have enough to get us through the cold winter months.  Until further notice, please consider donating your items of this nature to another shelter in need.  



For those interested in helping us help the animals, our wish list is fairly short.  While this page is targeting our "goods" wish list, we must state that our main wish is a monetary one - because we are a true "no kill" shelter, we continually have mounting veterinary bills as we ALWAYS do everything within our power to give the animals in our care the best possible lives while they await their forever homes. We take in many abandoned animals here at GGOH, and many come to us with the need for immediate medical attention and of course, it comes at a cost and weighs heavily on our budget. Whether it be routine veterinary exams or emergency medical situtations, we never deny an animal the care it needs and deserves.  We have two main veterinary offices that we work with and both have open accounts ~ won't you please consider making a donation in our name at either of these two locations:

Hudson Pet Hospital in North Hudson, 715-386-3511 or,
* New Richmond Veterinary Clinic in New Richmond, 715-246-2467.

Donations can be made directly to either of these veterinary offices over the phone or in person. You may also make a veterinary fund donation right here on our website by clicking our "PLEASE, DONATE >>" button found above.

For those wishing to contribute goods, we ask that you provide items from the list below.  While we do appreciate any and all donations, these are the main items that we are continually in need of:

Paper Towels
Mr. Clean
13 & 39 Gallon Garbage bags
Clorox Wipes
Dawn Dish Soap
Toilet Paper
Laundry Detergent Tabs
Hand Soaps
Hand Sanitizers

Cat Litter (Clumping ONLY)
Purina Cat Chow Dry Food
Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food Dry
Wet Cat Foods (Pate style)
Grain Free Wet Cat Foods
Metal Dog Food Bowls
Metal Cat Food Bowls
Dog & Cat Treats
Nylabone Dog Toys
Kong Dog Toys

You will notice that we do not have dog food on our wish list and there are good reasons for this. First, it is very hard on our animals to continually change the foods they eat and, some come to us with special dietary needs.  For this reason, we like to stick with certain types/brands of food.  Second, we routinely receive food donations from our great friends at Chuck & Don's as well as from our local Target store in Hudson, WI.  So, while we do go through a lot of food on a daily basis, we have a steady supply of it already coming our way.  Although you may be tempted to donate food to us, it would really benefit us most if you opted to give monetarily or selected items from our list above instead.  
On a side note, when we do receive donations of food that we cannot use here at GGOH, we always PAY IT FORWARD and donate to other rescues in need. Rest assured, nothing ever goes to waste.

Again, THANK YOU for your continued support of our mission here at Gregory's Gift of Hope. Without the help of wonderful supporters such as you, we simply could not continue to do what we do - save the animals.           



We are ALWAYS in need of sheets, blankets and towels and if we happen to get more than we have room for, we will offer it to other shelters and animal rescue/re-hab organizations who may be in need. Please keep us in mind when the urge strikes you to do a little purging.

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