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Everything you need to know about adopting a cat from us you'll find below.  But if you should find you still have questions, please reach out.  We're here to help make your adoption experience be a great one.

  • You must be at least 21 years old to adopt

  • The entire household must be in agreement about adopting the cat you choose

  • You may not adopt for someone else or for a gift

  • The cat must be kept indoors and declawing is not allowed 

  • All resident pets MUST be up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered. (Be aware that we look at vetting history as part of our adoption process.)

  • We limit our adoptions to suitable adopters that reside within a 100 mile radius of our facility

(Updated in response to COVID-19)


  • Agree to our Indoor Living and No Declawing policies

  • Come to our facility to meet the potential cat to be adopted (we will not adopt cats out sight-unseen).

  • A variety of private appointment times are available.  We also have open "walk-in" hours during select times. (Specifics can be found on our "Hours & Locations" tab.) 

  • Complete an adoption application (Submitting an application prior to meeting the cat does not reserve your spot for that cat.  You can submit the application ahead of time if you wish, but you must meet the cat before being considered an applicant.)

  • Your application will be reviewed and references contacted 

  • Application approved - we will contact you to set up a pick-up time for you to bring your new feline companion home.  (Note:  When you come to pick up your new feline companion, please bring a hard-sided carrier with you for transport.  Soft-sided carriers are not sturdy enough and do not provide enough support to safely transport your pet.  While there are many cute soft-sided carriers out there, cats get very nervous and scared while in them due to the lack of a solid/sturdy surface beneath them.)

  • Application denied - you are contacted and informed of denial

A few notes in regards to our process:

  • You do not need to submit an application prior to meeting the cats.  Submitted applications are not activated until you have visited and selected a cat for adoption.

  • We will ask you questions during your visit regarding the type of cat you're interested in and will show you cats that fit your preferences.  (If you have a specific cat in mind, we will show you that cat as well.)

  • Appointment blocks will be kept to one hour.  If you cannot decide on a cat to adopt within your time allotment, you will be asked to schedule another appointment. 

We cannot guarantee a time-frame for completion of the full process - each application has its own considerations and if there are multiple applications for the same cat, the process is obviously lengthened. (If there are multiple applications for the same cat, we make our decision based on best fit for the cat's needs.)  Exit veterinary visits can sometimes take a few days depending on their availability. You must also take into consideration that we are an animal "rescue" facility and emergencies often arise which take precedence over everything.  We will do our best, however, to move things along in as timely a manner as we possibly can.

Now that you've read all of that, let's make that appointment:  Click Here!

(Continue scrolling for further information regarding what our adoption fees include and/or to view our Indoor Living and Declawing policies.)

If You Rent

  • If you live in an apartment, town home, condo or rent a single family home, proof of permission from your landlord or association to house a non-declawed cat is required.  We will not move forward with an adoption application until we have this authorization in-hand.  Please be sure your authorization form contains your property owner's name and phone number as we will call to validate.​

Our Pay-it-Forward* Adoption Fee Includes:

  • Six months & older - cat is spayed/neutered**

  • Treatment for external & internal parasites

  • Feleuk & FIV tested

  • Microchip

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Exit exam and health certificate by our veterinarian prior to release from GGOH

Seniors (9 years and older) - $150

Adults (over 6 months) - $200

Kittens (under 6 months) - $250

Note:  the higher cost for kittens and puppies relates directly to the amount of care and frequency of vaccinations which they require.

* We consider our adoption fee a pay-it-forward fee.  Adoption fees allow us to continue helping those that are out there in need.  By paying this fee, you are helping the cause and paying it forward!

**We spay/neuter all animals prior to their release with the exception of those deemed too young or those who are under weight or physically unable to undergo the procedure at the time of adoption; in those instances the adoptive party will be responsible for arranging the altering when the appropriate time presents itself. We will provide a contract, which you must sign, stating that you agree to have the animal altered as soon as medically possible. It is the responsibility of the adoptive party to fund the spay/neuter. 

Indoor Living Policy

Gregory's Gift of Hope cats are to be kept indoors at all times for their safety.

Declawing Policy

Gregory's Gift of Hope does not allow, nor does it endorse, the declawing of felines. In order to adopt a feline from us, you must sign a contractual agreement stating that you will not declaw the feline(s) you wish to adopt.

Any felines in our care that are currently declawed have come to us this way.

There are many resources on the web providing information on why this practice is inhumane.  We encourage you to do

your research and join us in our efforts to save the kitties of the world from this painful

and disfiguring practice.


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