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Church Candles
​A Gift of Hope donation is a personal remembrance that honors the life or event of a pet, friend or relative — our kindred spirits.
A Gift of

A form of recognition of a loving hand

​Your Gift of Hope helps us continue our message of kindness, compassion, and concern for all cats and dogs in our St. Croix communities. This gift is one with special meaning and is truly a lasting tribute helping all animals.

In Memory of a Pet​


​Thank you for letting us love you and for fighting so hard. You’re story lives on. Xo

Jake and Katy Pavek


​She was the "mom" to all creatures.  The matron of our farm. Miss you

McKenzie Farm


​She always made me laugh with her inventions of silly behaviors!

Shar @ Pawsitive Dog

Remi and Reba

​To the sweetest girls.

We miss them so much.

Laura & Tom


May your furbaby live in your heart forever!

Your family at work

Mr Pants

Best cat in the world. My love, my soul cat.


Lizbeth (Lizzy)

Clicker training you before you lost your sight helped you and me continue training. Thank you for being part of my life.  I learned so much from you.

Shar @ Pawsitive


She lived for her best friend!

Lorraine Halfin


A GGOH alumna, who was well loved by Jim & Kay Rydeen



In Memory of a Person


Peace, prayers, and hope

Jill & Dan

Bernadine O'Shaughnessy

Cathy Borgstrom

Sandy Johnson

Sarah Johnson

George Anderson

Your volunteering will be missed.​

Bobby Finney

Gene Hexum

Family & Friends

Rita Davison

The birds in  River Falls will miss her daily feedings around town.

John M

Marilyn Schreiber

With love to Karen and Jim on the loss of his sweet Marilyn

Pat Johnson

Marilyn Schreiber

In Memory and Honor of Jim Schreiber and Karen Klyczek mother/mother in law

Mags C

Marilyn Schreiber

Donna Offner

Marilyn Schreiber

In memory of your precious mother and mother in law, Jim and Karen.💗

The Hennemann Family


Peace, prayers, and hope

Jill & Dan

Rita Davison

She loved all animals.  Her gentle nature shined when she could help them.

Pat K.

Thomas Mead

In Memory of Dad who was always happiest with his dogs.

Karla Yankovec

Betty White

Happy 100th Birthday 🎂


Kay Martell

Gone too soon

Susan Lorch


Peace, prayers, and hope

Jill & Dan

Rylee Greene

Pace Analytical - Field Services


Peace, love and hope to all of the beautiful animals,in Tony’s name

LuAnn  Sprester

Tony Tamoshaitis

Mark, Tara and Kayla Price

Logan Wrich

In memory of a life taken too soon.

Sharon Plasil


Oh how you loved to take care of his animals!

Wayne & JoJo

In Tribute To

Marriage of Joe & May Salzer

Kathryn Kissling

Kay Rydeen and Chelsea

Happy Hollydays from Holly. Thanks for your support.

Holly Hayward

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