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Cat and Dog
As a Gregory's Gift of Hope Guardian, you help to provide rescue animals with shelter, food, medical care and lots and lots of love.  Your gift means giving many cats and dogs a second chance at life.
Become A Monthly Guardian
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​Monthly Guardian giving allows you to give your yearly donation in easy, manageable monthly contributions. For example: $10 a month is a mere 33 cents per day yet given for one year, this equals a $120 yearly donation. $50/mo = $1.60/day = $584 a year.  

To see how your monthly guardian gift can make the difference in the life of a rescue pet, scroll through the slideshow below.  Small amounts from you on a monthly basis adds up to equal BIG help for the animals!

Click the "Donate" button now and then check the box to "Make this a monthly donation".  We cannot begin to thank you enough for joining us on this journey of saving lives, one rescue at a time.

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Your $100 Monthly Guardian Gift will provide a spay or neuter for a cat or dog and ultimately, help reduce the population of unwanted pets.

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