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  Gregory's Gift of Hope  



No-Kill Rescue/Shelter &
Adoption Center

For more than a decade Gregory's Gift of Hope, Inc. (GGOH) has been saving lives ~ saving those in need.  We're so glad you've landed on our page and we hope that you will come back again and again, joining us in our crusade to make the world a better place for all its living beings.  As our motto states, we fight for those that cannot speak, "UNTIL THEY ALL HAVE A HOME".

Becoming a Monthly Guardian
Why your donation matters


​Simply put, we cannot do it without you.  As a Gregory's Gift of Hope Monthly Guardian, you help to provide rescue animals with shelter, food, medical care and lots and lots of love.  Your gift means giving many cats and dogs a second chance at life.

Click here to see how your monthly gift can make a difference in the life of a rescue pet.

Adopt Love

Purrfect Cats & Pawsome Dogs Waiting for Your Love

Deciding to adopt a cat or dog is just the first step in a decision that will change your life in many ways.  With better than a decade of successful adoptions under our belt, we at Gregory's Gift of Hope will guide you through this process, working with you to find your perfect match.  Our goal is to make forever connections and to bring joy to your adoption experience.   

Meet Your Match:

Review Our Adoption Requirements:

For Cats Only:

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