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Are you aware that many companies have a "company match" program in place for charitable contributions? 
Company Matching

Some companies will not only match monetary donations made by their employees, but they will also take into consideration volunteer work and make a monetary donation based on the number of volunteer hours logged. 

Could YOUR company be one of the many who offer this type of progam; why not find out today!  We encourage you to speak with those in your company who would manage charitable giving campaigns.  

Below is basic information your company may need in order to make a company match: 

Address:  Gregory's Gift of Hope, Inc.
                  1374 Hwy 65
                  New Richmond, WI  54017  

EIN: 204956164

Contact:  Ms. Colleen O'Shaughnessy 
                 Development Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (715) 246-2467

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