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Do you need a little help for your furry family member(s) - a little something to help make sure they stay happy and healthy?  Gregory's Gift of Hope's "Pet Food Pantry & More" was conceived with the notion to do just that.  Our mission here at GGOH goes beyond just rescuing & rehoming; we fully believe in doing whatever we can to support our pet-loving community.  So if you find yourself needing a little help, we're here for you.
Pet Food Pantry Beginnings

Our philosophy here at GGOH has always been to help those who can't help themselves and so when we've been graced with pet food and supplies that we cannot use ourselves, we've always reached out to other rescues to share our wealth.  Our ability to share with others is what ultimately lead to our decision to go beyond just sharing with fellow rescuers; the seed was planted and our food pantry began to grow. 


As we worked to nail down the specifics, our mission for this project became clear - we want to help community pets stay with their loving families by ensuring that no pet is relinquished to a shelter simply because their owner cannot feed them.  And while our main focus is food, we may on occasion have other supplies such as cat litter, toys, blankets, and beds available.

Grey Cat
Boy Cuddling with his Dog
The Specifics
  • Our assistance is meant to alleviate TEMPORARY financial stress. The Pet Food Pantry is NOT a long term solution to provide food for your pet(s) and we reserve the right to stop services if the program is abused.

  • The pantry is operated on the honor system; recipients are not required to show proof of income to determine eligibility.

  • Although the Pet Food Pantry serves without discrimination, we may limit the number of items or times a household may receive assistance.

  • Pet Food Pantry pick-up and drop off times are by appointment and serviced by volunteers who are not on-site - they will adhere to scheduled appointments only.  DO NOT just stop in as there will be no one available to help you. 

  • During this pandemic time, to ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers, social distancing will be observed and face masks will be required during your visit.  Please be prepared to follow these guidelines or you will be asked to reschedule.

  • Our program runs on donations and therefore, we cannot guarantee what food, litter, or other supplies we will have on-hand.

  • Due to volume concerns, we are not able to donate to large cat colonies.  If you have a colony in need, please contact us and we will try to help with finding resources.

  • A submitted application is also required prior to scheduling an appointment.  Use the button below to submit your application and then call (715) 808-4384 or email for an appointment.  

Our Pet Food Pantry is stocked through the generous donations of private citizens and businesses in our community.  By donating to the Pet Food Pantry you are helping the people and pets in your community stay together.  We accept donations of any brand or type of cat/dog food and cat litter to stock the Pet Food Pantry.


If you are interested in donating please call (715) 808-4384 or email

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